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Watch: Evan Rachel Wood Teams With Hot Zach Villa in New Electro-Pop Band


The band is called Rebel and a Basketcase, the video is fierce, and there's lots of mascara everywhere. 

Named for two of the best characters in The Breakfast Club (Judd Nelson and Ally Sheedy--the only thing missing is Molly Ringwald's Princess), Evan Rachel Wood is finally putting her formidable pipes to the test with her band Rebel and a Basketcase, a collaboration with LA-based musician and artist Zach Villa.

Wood, like her on-screen sister Gwyneth Paltrow in Running With Scissors, has a phenomenal voice--one need only to take another look and listen to Julie Taymor's Beatles odyssey Across the Universe from 2007. (Side note: while Evan Rachel's vocals are superb in that, in terms of acting, nothing beats her scenery-chewing performance in Thirteen.)

With the synthy and very '80s track "Oh Yeah," the duo is building buzz for a full-length release this fall. The pair told Rolling Stone about the almost accidental way the pair started working together, after meeting last year in a John Hughes-themed cabaret show in LA: "It started as a one-off, just for fun," says Wood. "Something just clicked. And at some point we said, 'You know, we should maybe make this official, because it's working.' And so we just kept going."

"I had had the music for 'Oh Yeah' in my back pocket for a year or so," Villa added. "But I laid down some vocals and it was like, 'God...that sounds like crap!' Then after Evan and I were in rehearsals together, I knew she was what was needed on the track."

Villa is thrilled to be working with the bisexual former girlfriend of Marilyn Manson, but not necessarily because of the fame factor. "In previous bands I've been in, I've gotten a lot of shit from bandmates about being too flashy or for making dramatic musical choices," Villa tells Rolling Stone. "But the great thing with Evan is that she's always like, 'Do the weird thing!'"

Check out the weird (and wonderful) result below:

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