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Should We #StopGayingAllTheThings?


In light of recent campaigns to give Captain America and Froze n's Elsa same-sex lovers, is the Internet too obssessed with everything gay?

After the Idina-Menzel-supported #GiveElsaAGirlfriend campaign, and the nascent #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend follow-up, Twitter was in a panic and started #StopGayingAllTheThings .

It all began when professional troll Stephen Crowder called for the trend this morning.

One can learn many things about the gay agenda from reading through the thread, for instance:

1. Being queer is so trendy!

2. Neither parents nor children can be gay.

3. They forgot we gave you "heteronormative" in the first place , which came from concepts of compulsory heterosexuality, to dismantle the idea that straightness was normal or natural. Also, gay penguins .

4. This guy won't watch your movie, he's too busy denying climate change .

5. Y'all, it's really hard to have a sexuality forced on you.

6. In the end, though, our agenda came back for the sraight agenda. Behold the backlash-backlash:

*Mic drop* we have nothing to add.

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