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10 Beyoncé Songs We Wish Were Singles

Beyoncé Formation video

The Creole Queen doesn't always do her songs justice. 

"Lost Yo Mind"

The song was included as a bonus track on the Circuit City edition of B'Day (thanks, 2006) and has tallied up over 400,000 views on YouTube. Produced by Swizz Beatz, the song does possess a similar theme and sound as "Ring the Alarm", however, "Lost Yo Mind" is dipped in much more anger and honesty.

"Smash Into You"

Featuring gorgeous vocals and heartfelt lyrics, "Smash Into You" could have easily become the standard "first dance" song for newlyweds.


This song is one of Beyonce's sexiest, yet, surprisingly, is from the era when Beyonce's image was highly-curated and much tamer. Her occasional performances of the song in The Mrs. Carter Show almost make up for a video never being made, but, we're still as pressed as a suit on prom night, tbh.

"End of Time"

During the 4 era, fans were consistently waiting on the edge of their seats for a visual to be made for this banging Fela Kunti-inspired song. Featuring a hypnotic sample of Jai Paul's "BTSTU" in the beginning, the track represents Beyonce inital shimmy away from easy and catchy radio hits. Here, the singer takes on the more soulful and melodic sounds of traditional R&B. It's puzzling why a video was never made. The song has been a staple in Beyonce's live performances since its release and peaked at #62 on the UK singles chart.

"Schoolin' Life"

This Prince-inspired song from the deluxe edition of 4, written and produced by frequent Beyonce-collaborator The Dream, is six and a half minutes of funk and soul. Fav look-in-the-mirror-when-you're-sad lyrics: "There's not a real way to live this, for real/ Just remember to stay with this/ Don't stop running until it's finished/ It's up to you, the rest is unwritten".

"Standing on the Sun"

SOTS was released during the confusing one-year period preceding BEYONCE's surprise release. The song was featured in Beyonce's H&M campaign and was even performed once (and only once) in The Mrs. Carter Show. A remix of the song was featured on the rerelease of BEYONCE, but, to be honest, an HQ release of the original would put our turbulent souls to rest. The Jonas Ackerlund-directed H&M campaign video is one of the best videos Beyonce has ever made... and it's not even an actual music video.

"Put It In A Love Song"

Okay this song was officially released as a single, but received so little attention and promotion you might as well say it wasn't. A high-budget video of the collab with Alicia Keys, directed by Melina (who has directed two hands worth of Beyonce vids), was filmed in Brazil. But, for some reason, the video has stayed locked up in Beyonce's Dereon vault along with the audio of that infamous Solange and Jay-Z elevator video and her Sasha Fierce glove.

"Grown Woman"

Grown Woman is another song Beyonce used and abused during the pre-BEYONCE era. The song was originally featured in Beyonce's Pepsi Super Bowl commercial and reeked of "first single". The song was added to the setlist of The Mrs. Carter Show halfway into the show's first European leg and, once again, had fans believing a video would grace them soon. Finally, the video was included on BEYONCE as a bonus video, but the song itself, confusedly, does not appear on the album. Sometimes it feels like Beyonce just loves to play with our hearts.

We're praying BB does us right this upcoming era... but she probably won't.

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