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WATCH: John Oliver Guts Donald Trump

WATCH: John Oliver Guts Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Make Donald Drumpf again. 

It's the question that most intelligent people have been asking ever since the presidential race began: what do people see in Donald Trump?

The answer is, according to John Oliver, that Trump's name is synonymous with success. Even amid the elementary school insults, abandoned development projects, and well-documented contradictions, people still think that Donald Trump is brutally honest and capable of running a country.

This week, Oliver dedicated his entire episode of Last Week Tonight to presenting evidence contrary to the most popular public opinions of Trump. Honest? Nah. Good businessman? Not especially. Rich? Well, yeah, he's still got that.

In his research, Oliver also found that a biographer discovered that, some generations back, Trump's ancestors changed their last name from Drumpf. That kind of knowledge can't be unlearned. Just looking at him, if Drumpf were a noun but you didn't know what it was, Donald Trump would probably be a prime example. Watch below, and don't forget to #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain.

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