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Titus Getting a New Love Interest, One Man Show on Next Season of Kimmy Schmidt

Titus Getting a New Love Interest, One Man Show on Next Season of Kimmy Schmidt


Peeeeeeeenooooooo NOIR!

Season two of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Netflix's hilarious original sitcom from creators Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, premieres this spring but it just can't come soon enough. Luckily, the show's Emmy-nominated breakout star Titus Burgess spilled some beans on our favorite delusional diva.

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This new season will see some major character development for Titus Andromedon, Burgess told Entertainment Weekly. Last we saw of Titus, he was confronted by his secret ex-wife, Vonda, who, along with Kimmy's influence, forces him to (more or less) get his life.

"Her [immy's] optimism, her sunniness and selflessness and being considerate of other people is wearing off on Titus. And, because of Vonda's visit, he has to expose more of that soft core. We find Titus being more readily available to decalcify. He has to come to terms with some stuff, and you'll find out in the first episode how and why he made the exit, and that just explains so much. There are a lot of layers to this man to peel off, because it's not just this false sense of fabulousness. It is a protective armor, so we find him having to undo what he has worked so hard to do."

Helping Titus on his journey of self-actualization is a new love interest. Last season, all we saw of Titus's love life had to do with a passing dalliance with a sexy mummy from his job as a werewolf at a horror-themed restuarant on Broadway.

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This time around, however, Burgess wanted someone more honest and realistic to his experiences, and voiced his concerns to Fey and Carlock at the start of production on season two.

"I was slow to greet, with open arms, the type of guys that were introduced as possible love interests for Titus in season 1. The story that I know, or that I've experienced -- and the story of all of my peers who are in my likeness --choose a different type of man, and it is not the 28-inch-waist, six-pack-y type of guy. There is an otherness going on, something that is rooted and grounded in the everyday man, if you will, and where although the exterior may be perfectly aesthetically pleasing, it is not what the attraction is built on."

Wait, a gay relationship not based solely on physical attraction? But rather, of all the concepts, on who a person really is? Does that exist?

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Meanwhile, there was also this "tasty little Bob the Builder" who, until he met Titus, was straight-identifying, but in no time fell under the Andromedon magic.

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Titus was a little too "advanced" for him, but I'd love to see how this butch-queen relationship turns out.

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Though Titus Andromedon will be exploring life and love in season two, there will still be plenty opportunities for him to burst out into song, especially with a one-man show that sounds like it might have something to do with slavery.

"It's about a past life that he insists he remembers. It's very funny, and oddly touching. Given the PC social climate that we live in today, there's so much that humans claim are a part of their human composition that other humans cannot contest ... so it was lovely to go down that yellow brick road and watch, once again, how Tina and Robert so brilliantly bring up tension and juxtaposition in a way of humor. It makes you question why we're so quick to question the authenticity of someone's experience, even if it's something that didn't happen in this current life."

My guess is his past life was as a Scarlett O'Hara type--who wants to take bets?

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We'll have to wait until season two of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt premieres this spring to find out. Burgess also teased that he and the show's other delusional diva--the Susan Lucci of the Primetime Supporting Actress Emmy category, Jane Krakowski, who plays rich divorcee Jacquline--have been hinting at a duet.

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"I do believe the time will come, and it will be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious," Burgess teased. "I actually have my if/when episode that will allow for that, that I've talked to them about. I think I've figured out a way to do what everyone wants to see the two biggest divas on the show do."

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