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Lady Gaga Sued For Plagiarism Over Born This Way Looks

Lady Gaga Sued For Plagiarism Over Born This Way Looks

Lady Gaga Orlan

The French visual artist Orlan claims Lady Gaga stole her signature body modifications styles while promoting Born This Way

Photo: Nick Knight (Gaga), Fabrice Leveque/Wikipedia (Orlan)

Seems like Lady Gaga was in need of ideas when she was preparing her sophomore album, Born This Way. In addition to the "derivative" Madonna-inspired title track, which had fans divided and blurred the boundaries between inspiration and plagiarism, Gaga is in deep waters again over her album's artwork.

French artist Orlan has filed a lawsuit against the singer, claiming Lady Gaga used some of her work to build the imagery of Born This Way. Lady Gaga appeared on the cover art and video for the single Born This Way with prosthetics simulating face and body modifications, a gimmick used extensively by Orlan in her artwork -- except the artist actually underwent surgery to look this way.

Orlan (real name, Mireille Porte) claims that the lumps on Gaga's face in the Born This Way video and single cover are directly taken from her -- and she's asking for a hefty part of the profits as compensation. The $31.7 million lawsuit was initiated in Paris in 2013, but the papers were officially filed in the U.S earlier this week, Dazed reports.

"Whether in France or in the United States, Orlan's unique artwork should be protected," Orlan's lawyers commented. "We hope that questioning members of Lady Gaga's creative team will aid the French court in deciding the case."

Meanwhile, Gaga's representatives have issued a statement, saying: "This is nothing but an attempt by the plaintiff to generate US press coverage around a meritless case that was filed in France several years ago."

Who's right, who's wrong? Let us know what you think in the comments section.Gaga Orlan

Photo: Nick Knight (Gaga), Fabrice Leveque/Wikipedia (Orlan)

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