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ICYMI: Fox News' Shepard Smith on Kim Davis: 'Haters Are Gonna Hate'

Shepard Smith

Smith gave his two-cents on the whole affair. 

Shepard Smith was having none of the post-jail Kim Davis press conference. The Fox News anchor was quick to point out that Davis's supporters, whom he characterized as the anti-Sharia law crowd, were quick to welcome religion into law when it was their religion.

"They set this up as a religious play again," he said. "This is the same crowd that says, 'We don't want Sharia law, don't let them tell us what to do, keep their religion out of our lives and out of our government.' Well, here we go again."

Smith also pointed out that the struggle for marriage equality mirrors the fight for interracial marriage.

"When you get down to the fundamentals of this, the Supreme Court of the United States says you can't have things being okay for one group of people and not okay for another group of people. This is not unprecedented. The did it when they said black and white people couldn't marry. And they said,'Oh wait, I guess you can.'"

"And now they've said straight people and gay people could also all get married. You wanna get married go right at it. The government's not going to get in the way of you anymore than they did with the straight people back in the day. But haters are gonna hate."

Haters are gonna hate indeed.

Check out his rant below:

[h/t Breaking 911]

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