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Muppet Fans Call Kermit’s New Girlfriend a ‘Homewrecker’

Denise, Kermit the Frog

There better had not been any overlap, Kermit!

As you are probably aware, Kermit and Miss Piggy called it quits last month. While I was pretty broken up about losing one the greatest romances of our times (if they can't make it, what hope is there for me?), Kermit seems to already have moved on.

Yesterday, photos surfaced of Kermit...I can't help it...gonna do it...canoodling with another lady pig!

Peoplereported "Kermit, who is still working with Miss Piggy on her late-night talk show Up Late with Miss Piggy...has been spotted around town numerous times with a head of marketing at ABC named Denise."

Kermit has denied that Denise is his new girlfriend.

Basically, Kermit's too come and say he's dating Denise and is afraid of how Miss Piggy will react and how it will affect their new show. Come on, Kermit, up until now I looked up to you.

For Miss Piggy's part, she's not exactly sulking at home in a house coat tearing through pints of Ben and Jerry's. She's been seen on the arm of Hollywood A-listers Topher Grace and Liam Hemsworth.

Spent Friday with the most beautiful girl in the world. Kermit, #SorryNotSorry. #TheMuppets #misspiggy

A photo posted by Liam Hemsworth (@liamhemsworth) on

But is Denise a homewrecker? Jezebel thought so.

"Do you see this pig?" Jezebel writer Definitely Not Miss Piggy asked. "The one photographed above, biting her pen like it's a throbbing, 1-2 inch long piece of felt? This, my friends, is Denise, and it's recently come to my attention that she's the homewrecking hog America's beloved Kermit the Frog left America's more beloved Miss Piggy for. And I would like to know the fuck she thinks she is."

So what if she's biting her pen. She is a confident, assured young pig who knew what she wanted and knew that Kermit and Piggy had already broken up. She struck while the iron was hot! Yazzzz, get it, girl!

The Guardian's Megan Carpentier even goes so far to assert that this all just a ploy--well more of a ploy than the fact that this is all just a marketing scheme for ABC's upcoming series starring the Henson staples, The Muppets. She writes:

Miss Piggy was always the more charismatic performer, the more powerful presence in that relationship: she was Angelina to Kermit's Billy Bob, the Cher to his Sonny, the Liz to his Larry (Fortensky). And yet he always got the top billing, the most screen time and the most credit for his intelligence. It's now clear that he was also always colluding with the producers and directors to make sure that Miss Piggy looked like a violent, egotistical harridan and he was seen as the sensitive, Rainbow-Connection-bleating ex-hippie who gracefully put up with both her personality and living in her shadow. Woe is him, we all said - and that's exactly what he wanted us to say.

Is Miss Piggy better off with out Kermit? Is Kermit gonna man up and DTR (Define The Relationship)? Are they really over each other? Only time will tell, my friends.

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