Watch: Frankie Valenti (a.k.a. Johnny Hazzard) Flirts on a Rooftop at Night

Frankie Valenti

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The film Tiger Orange, a dramatic feature about an emotional-baggage-carrying gay man named Todd who comes back to his California town to confront his estranged gay brother, came out on VOD and DVD earlier this summer. But that doesn't mean we haven't tired of seeing Johnny Hazzard, er, Frankie Valenti, shirtless. As the actor (who said he's 97% finished with porn) told Michael Musto in July

"Todd’s kind of like myself. I drew on my own experiences. I was amazed from the get go at how many similarities there were. Todd left home really early, like me. Also, my dad died without me telling him I was gay. And I carry my dad’s ashes around in an urn with me when I travel. I’m driving from San Francisco to Provincetown right now and I have it."

In this clip, gay brothers Chet (Mark Strano) and Todd (Valenti) drink on a rooftop, and Todd flirts with his brother’s boyfriend (Gregory Marcel). 

Watch it below:

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