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Fund This: The Benefits of Gusbandry

The Benefits of Gusbandry

The Benefits of Gusbandry follows a straight woman and gay man attempting to act like functioning adults, and having way too much fun in the process.

On why she chose to tell this story via the web, Portland-based filmmaker Alicia J. Rose explains:

“I’m kind of an early adopter, and I’m all for a format that has no rules.”

She continues:

“To me, there is no show right now that really encapsulates the beauty, the relationship, the reality, the fun, the insanity that really happens in a relationship between a woman and a gay man. I hope that you can all learn what a gay husband is, and maybe go out and find a 'gusband' of your own.”

The show, which is hoping to create six episodes for its first season, is still seeking funding to take itself from concept to reality.

You can donate on their website, and be sure to watch the promotional trailer below:


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