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Obama Is Just. Not. Having It From Heckler at LGBT Pride Event

obama heckler

During an event honoring LGBT Pride Month, President Barack Obama had to open the White House Library and read a heckler her constitutional right to take a seat.

obama heckler gif

The heckler, later identified as an undocumented trans woman and immigration activist Jennicet Gutiérrez, was protesting deportations under Obama's administration, which have reached a record high. Though Obama has supported immigration reform, Gutiérrez said in a press release she was "outraged" at the President's lack of leadership.



However, one must also consider Obama's actions on LGBT issues, which have led to a cascade of reforms in just the last few years. Naturally, there's more progress to be made, and people like Jennicet Gutiérrez are making sure that we know that. 

Watch their interaction below:

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