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Gay Acrobats Get Engaged on Italian TV to Shock — and Applause

Gay Acrobats Get Engaged on Italian TV to Shock — and Applause

gay acrobat proposal

The traditionally conservative country saw a gay acrobat propose to his boyfriend on Italia's Got Talent.

With their nipples and hearts exposed on national television, two members of Les Farfadais -- a troupe of acrobatic dancers -- got engaged on Italia's Got Talent.


Not even the judges had any idea what was happening, though they all seemed supportive -- particularly Miss Thing here in a bold lip and a heavy side-swept bang.


Making a statement in a statement shoulder. Good for you. And good for you, Italy.

A gay kiss on national television is kind of a big deal. Sure, homosexuality has been legal since 1890, but same-sex marriage isn't; and only straight, married couples can adopt. The country's anti-discrimination laws don't cover gender identity and only protect discrimination based on sexual orientation when it comes to employment, but not in providing goods and services.

And let's not forget some very public -- and very gay -- figures making some rather disparaging comments about equal rights.

Still, Italy is making progress. A 2014 poll found that a majority of Italians support marriage equality, and His Argentine Holiness Pope Francis occasionally says and does things that aren't terrible -- at least in comparison to that Louboutin loafer wearing Ex-Pope Benedict.

So even if the happy, limber couple can't legally get married, they look like the kind of people who will celebrate regardless. Hell, they should've just dropped in a priest from the ceiling because I can't see how any wedding can top this:


Except maybe ditch the assless shortie chaps. Or at least substitute in a panty suitable for such a formal occasion.

Les Fabian Brathwaite -- that dragon as ring-bearer, though!

h/t: Towleroad

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