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Most Hated Man in America Gets Laid (Into) on Tinder

tinder martin shkreli

Martin Shkreli got swiped right to hell.

Dating apps have really proven to be the great equalizer in society because everybody needs to get laid but not everyone wants to pay for it. Case in point, Tinder, "Grindr for the straights," recently matched noted baby genius and pop culture queen Eve Peyser with young Monty Burns impersonator Martin Shkreli and the sparks flew. Right into Shkreli's face.

Shkreli, you may recall, drew the ire of The Internet when his company, Turing Pharmaceuticals, increased the price of Daraprim--a drug used to fight taxoplasmosis, a potentially life-threatening infection for pregnant women and people with compromised immune systems, such as AIDS patients--from $13.50 to $750 a pill.

After a good, old-fashioned public shaming, Shkreli decided to cut the price of the drug, but by then his reputation was permanently sullied. That reputation proceeded Shkreli when he was matched with the lady Eve who wasted no time in taking him to Tinder task:

tinder martin shkreli

tinder martin shkrelitinder martin shkreli

My favorite part of this is that Shkreli is still obviously holding out hope of getting laid. You don't get into heated debates, and come back to them hours later, on a dating app unless you expect this to turn into some sort of hate-sex situation. But then things came to a definitive halt when Peyser dropped this sass bomb on Shkreli:

tinder martin shkreli

He never responded and we were left with the image of Martin Shkreli somewhere in Russia cackling with Vladimir Putin.

Peyser's convo with Shkreli has since gone viral, but the subsequent attention she's gotten has given her a bit more empathy for the 32-year-old former hedge fund manager:

As someone with a history of mental illness and someone who was bullied for the majority of my childhood, it makes me anxious to be receiving this degree of attention. But I can't help thinking that the same must apply to Martin Shkreli. Even though he has made decisions that I think have made the world a worse place, I can't begin to imagine what it feels like to be on the receiving end of so much Internet outrage. After all, the guy can't even Tinder anymore without his conversations going viral. I would never go out with Martin Shkreli; I prefer to date men who have demonstrated the capacity to feel empathy. I also don't think Martin is the Edward Snowden of AIDS drugs, though I was wondering if Shkreli thought of himself that way.

Empathy is a funny thing. The very nature of Martin Shkreli's work is based off a complete lack of empathy--banks are terrible, but that's just our money they're playing with. Pharmaceutical companies profit off people's illness so they're in effect playing with our very health. I'm not saying that Martin Shkreli is evil or that he doesn't deserve empathy, but at some point people have to be accountable for their actions. And if it takes Tinder to drive that point home, well, swipe on.

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