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10 Tail Waggin’ Toys to Add to Your Pet’s Wish List

10 Tail Waggin’ Toys to Add to Your Pet’s Wish List


Every pup deserves a wish list. 

Nothing is better than coming home to your fluffy friend with new toys and goodies. Whether it's knotted rope to chew and tug or a comfy new doggie bed, these dog toys and accessories are sure to show your pup you love them. 1_bows

1. Dog Hair Bows

These dog hair bows made by Yagopet are handmade with rubber bands for easy fastening. With a variety of colors, you and your pet can rock matching bow ties every day of the week!


2. Pet Seat Cover

This pet seat cover for cars made by BarksBar is not only waterproof, but protects your entire vehicle from dog hair, dirt, spills, scratches, and other messes. It is easily convertible between a hammock and standard bench for the backseat. It's also very easy to install with just a snap of its buckle to your front seat's headrest. It's also machine washable!


3. Dog Pet Waste Poop Bags

Lets face it, no matter how cute our furry friends are, there are times when nature calls and we need to pick up after them. With these cute dog pet waste bag rolls, you can pick up in style. They are super cute as they come in many colors and are patterned with paw prints. They come with a free bone dispenser that you can attack to any keychain or leash. These bags are strong, leak-proof, perforated, and unscented.


4. Orthopedic Dog Bed

Just like humans, our doggie friends need as much rest as we do if not more. This Ortho bolster sleeper by K&H Manufacturing is made from plush medical grade orthopedic foam and its overfilled bolsters surround your pet in comfort, hugging them while they sleep. The cover is removable and washable too!


5. Rope Toys

Whether your puppy is teething or your dog likes to fetch, these rope toys are the perfect addition to any dogs' treasure chest of toys. The chew toys clean teeth and massage gums, which reduce plaque and prevent gum disease. The package comes with four rope toys of all different sizes, and one is even in the shape of a ball! These toys also help redirect bad biting behavior.


6. Slow Feed Dog Bowl

We all know our dogs love to chow down at feeding time. This Outward Hound Fun Feeder Interactive Bowl, can help your dog eat slower and prevent bloating. It comes in three different colors and sizes and prevents regurgitation by forcing your doggie friend to eat up to 10x slower. It is made with durable food-safe plastic that is machine washable. A must have!


7. Dog Travel Food Container

This Vittles Vault Pet Food Travel-Tainer allows you to easily carry both dog food and feeding bowls as an all in one compact carrying case. An airtight container keeps food fresh and keeps odors contained. Food and water bowls that attach neatly to it are an added bonus!


8. Indoor/Outdoor Portable Dog Crate

One of our favorite dog accessories yet, this Travel Pet Home Indoor and Outdoor Foldable and Collapsible Home brings a dog crate with you anywhere you go. For any size pet, this sturdy kennel has two doors and a top entrance and it can be set up in seconds without tools!


9. Retractable Dog Leash

Let's face it--a safe walk with any dog is one on a retractable leash. This fancy leash has a release and recoiling system, which allows the leash to be adjusted to a comfortable length with ease. The TaoTronics Retractable Dog Leash handles dogs up to 110 lbs. and is always tangle free. One button will break and lock the leash, and it even comes with a doggy-bone waste dispenser!


10. Rubber Chew Ball Toy

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