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eric hart Jr.
Eric Hart Jr.

Eric Hart Jr.

Eric Hart Jr.

Meet one of the artists, disruptors, educators, groundbreakers, innovators, and storytellers who all helped make the world a better place for LGBTQ+ people.

Eric Hart Jr.’s sumptuous black-and-white photo book, When I Think About Power, presents over 70 portraits exploring the notion of power as it relates to the Black queer experience. It’s one of this year’s must-have books.

At age 23, Hart is driven by the mission of Black and queer freedom to create work that “has a very intentional focus on uplifting those who look and love like myself,” he says. “Through themes of power and performance, my work allows me room to figure out not only who I am in this world, but what my voice has to offer this world.”

Through his photography, Hart wants to send the message that LGBTQ+ folks are worthy of love, joy, and an authentic life. His striking photographs explore masculinity, queerness, and the body to celebrate Black men in all their complexity and layers. These portraits allow other Black queer men to see themselves reflected and empowered.

Hart is currently completing a 10-month studio fellowship and is working on expanding to editorial work — and hopefully, his first magazine cover. “I also write…a lot,” he shares, “so between photography, poetry, and screenwriting, ‘next’ could be a wide array of things. Just stay tuned.”

“Our voices are worthy of being heard as they matter just as much as anyone else’s in this world,” he says. “We are a powerful people, and we have to know our worth. It may be challenging, as the world may not always choose to see us, and we may not even see ourselves at times. We may stumble, but we are worthy of getting right back up.” @erichartjr


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