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Out100 TV Special: Inspiring Moments From 2023's Out100 Honorees
Out100 2023 Streaming Special
Out100 | Video

Out100 TV Special: Inspiring Moments From 2023's Out100 Honorees

Don’t miss out on some of the most quote-worthy moments from the Out100 TV Special streaming on-demand on The Advocate Channel.

The Out100 TV Special had its livestream on The Advocate Channel over the weekend and there were some powerful moments that you just had to see. If you were unable to check out the livestream, you can experience the inspiring conversations with this year’s Out100 honorees on-demand on the Advocate Channel App. To give you a taste of some truly buzzworthy quotes, check out our favorite interview moments below.

Hosted by the charismatic out actor Jaymes Vaughan and the brilliant Sonia Baghdady, Emmy-winning Host of Advocate Now, this special introduced audiences to many of the Out100 honorees. With red carpet host Stephen Walker, Jaymes and Sonia elicited sound bites from icons like Vincint and Dylan Mulvaney. Find out what these trailblazers had to say and how to watch the Out100 TV Special on-demand.

Wayne Brady has had a momentous year since coming out. Being an Out100 honoree brought everything full circle for Wayne, whose inclusion on the Out100 list was not lost on the TV personality. When asked what this experience means to him, Wayne expressed what many in the LGBTQ+ community feel when they come out. “You’re looking at someone who feels free and happy,” Wayne shares over video of him partaking in our Out100 photoshoot.

On the red carpet, Stephen got to speak with LGBTQIA+ activist and documentary star Alicia Roth Weigel who proudly represents the Intersex community in the documentary “Every Body.” It’s so often that the “I” in LGBTQIA+ gets left out, and Alicia makes it clear that Intersex representation will no longer be in the shadows. “The “I” is for Intersex, not Invisible,” Alicia tells Stephen. With activists like Alicia making themselves known, Intersex will never be equated with Invisible ever again.

Dylan Mulvaney, who has faced her own share of unfair attacks because of a beer brand, remains resolute in being visible for the LGBTQ+ community and combating hate with love. When asked what we can do to fight against all the attacks the LGBTQ+ community are facing, Dylan shares what we can do for ourselves and each other. “If we can’t do anything right now about the hate that’s being spewed, at least we can show double the amount of love,” Dylan says to Stephen. Now that’s a class act.

Rev. Leslie Jackson, one of the local Out100 honorees, shares the mission of his church with Sonia during a video interview. Preaching acceptance and openness, Rev. Jackson explains that when people come to St. Peter United, they’re instantly welcomed with open arms. “You are loved. You are welcomed. You are worthy. You are accepted. You have a purpose,” Rev. Jackson states. Those statements appear on a banner outside the church letting everyone know they have a place to call home.

Kelly Robertson, President of Human Rights Campaign, was asked to reflect on where we are in the fight for LGBTQ+ equality. It can feel like we’re moving backwards in our progress, but Kelly has a message of hope for anyone who feels like things are only getting worse. “Progress isn’t only possible, but it’s happening and we are part of it. And together we will win,” Kelly shares. We’re always moving forward, and because of the work from people like Kelly, we are unstoppable.

Kevin Aviance, who gave an unforgettable performance at the Out100, reflects on the strength that he and other LGBTQ+ people, especially LGBTQ+ people of color, have to endure challenges that come their way. It’s easy to feel beaten down and broken, but Kevin has a beautiful sentiment that helps whenever feeling not strong enough. “There’s a spirit that runs in us that is so beautiful and so incredible. If you ride on that joy and feeling of that, everything is possible,” Kevin says with warmth and wisdom.

Like Wayne Brady, Miss Benny also had a huge year when she came out as transgender, incorporating her trans identity into her Netflix series “Glamorous.” The absolute joy that Miss Benny expresses when talking about her coming out is infectious. And like Wayne, coming out was a huge weight off Miss Benny’s chest. “It feels like a huge relief to finally be who I am,” Miss Benny shares during a sexy photoshoot. We can’t wait to see where this newfound vivaciousness takes Miss Benny next!

Brent Miller, who co-founded Can’t Cancel Pride and is Senior Director of Global LGBTQ at P&G, understands that showcasing LGBTQ+ talent is not only beneficial to the queer community, but it also provides so much for the world at large. Brent’s mission is to promote that talent, like he did with the concert lineup of Can’t Cancel Pride, which has raised funds for numerous LGBTQ+ nonprofit organizations. “I want people to see and experience the amazingness of LGBTQ people and our community,” Brent explains. And thanks to people in power like Brent, LGBTQ+ visibility continues to increase all around the world.

Anthony Bowens made history as the first out AEW Champion in professional wrestling. Known for dominating opponents with brute force, Anthony has a message for love instead of force. “Cut the bullsh*t, spread the love. There needs to be a lot more love in this world. We’re all human. Start treating each other as such,” Anthony explains during his Out100 interview. If a beefy wrestler can preach love, then so can everyone else!

Musical artist Vincint has reflected on why the LGBTQ+ community has historically been targeted. And knowing why has helped Vincint find strength in himself when dealing with homophobic haters. “They fear us because we’ve overcome the biggest hurdle of being human, we know who we are. Stand tall in it,” Vincint expresses during his Out100 interview. Having the strength to know and love who you are can be difficult to obtain, but when it’s found, it really can help when face to face with the cruelty of others. With inspiring words like these, it’s perfectly clear why Vincint was honored on the Out100 list.

Viewers can watch the Out100 Special via:

On-Demand on the Advocate Channel App available on Google Play, Apple Store, Roku, & FireTV(beginning November 27)

The special will air on ABC Owned Television Stations’ streaming and digital platforms and on linear on the following dates:

Saturday, December 9

ABC11/WTVD-TV Raleigh-Durham - 12:00 a.m. EST

ABC13/KTRK-TV Houston - 12:05 a.m. CST

6ABC/WPVI-TV Philadelphia - 12:30 a.m. EST

ABC7/WLS-TV Chicago - 11:00 p.m. CST

Saturday, December 16

ABC7/KGO-TV San Francisco - 8:30 p.m. PST

Saturday, December 23

7ABC/WABC TV New York - 5:00 a.m. EST

ABC7/KABC-TV Los Angeles - 10:00 p.m. PST

Saturday, December 30

ABC30/KFSN-TV Fresno - 10 p.m. PST

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