Marriage Equality Coming to Finland?

Marriage Equality Coming to Finland?

Want to get married in Denmark, Iceland, Norway, or Sweden? No problem. But if you’re in Finland, marriage equality is not yet the order of the day—and it’s the last Nordic country where that’s the case.

But marriage equality may not be far off, and Finland’s Parliament in on that path once again. The most recent attempt, one prompted by a citizen’s initiative signed by 166,000 Fins, was not successful in bringing the matter to debate in Parliament.

Fins for equality are in the majority, with 5 percent in favor, and 34 percent opposed to marriage equality.

We’re looking forward to some Tom of Finland-themed wedding photos in the not-too-distant future.

Just married? 

Finland Tom Copy

They're engaged in something...

Finland Tom2 Copy

But is it to be married?

[H/T LGBT Nation]

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