Hot List 2012: Ian Harding

Hot List 2012: Ian Harding

Photograph by Pamela Littky

As teacher Ezra Fitz on ABC Family’s risqué teen thriller Pretty Little Liars, Ian Harding raised eyebrows by indulging in a romantic relationship with one of his students. In reality, that would land an educator in cuffs and with a front-page scandal, but Harding has found his role expanding in season three.

“I’m seeing myself interacting with more characters,” he says. “I’m more integrated… it’s going to be an interesting season.”

To some, the show’s success has come as a surprise, but Harding foresaw its appeal, if not the scope of its audience. “The books already had a following, but the show’s popularity has grown so quickly beyond the ‘tween’ demographic,” he says. “It’s crazy when a guy approaches me and says, ‘Yo, I love your show.’ ”

When pressed, Harding is tight-lipped regarding any specific spoilers, noting that scripts only arrive a day or two before he films a scene, with one notable exception: “If I have to be shirtless, I’m told 10 days in advance.”

Pretty Little Liars season 3 premieres June 5 on ABC Family.

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