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Nyle DiMarco, Jacob Tobia, and MJ Rodriguez for Out and Diet Coke
Diet Coke

Out Teams Up with Diet Coke to Share Unapologetic LGBTQ+ Stories

Out Teams Up with Diet Coke to Share Unapologetic LGBTQ+ Stories

Out and Diet Coke showcase authentic voices in the LGBTQ+ community who are breaking barriers to be unapologetically themselves.

Photography by Luke Gilford for Out and Diet Coke.

Three of the most talented and caring individuals in the LGBTQ+ community team up for a one of a kind collaboration set in a beautiful photo studio in Chelsea. It sort of feels like Out and Diet Coke have assembled our very own cast of LGBTQ+ superheroes who are fighting to make the world a better place through their activism and by being unapologetically themselves.

Led by acclaimed director Luke Gilford, who often captures queer talent in his work, the exciting pride campaign that features Jacob Tobia, Nyle DiMarco, and Mj Rodriguez is about to come to life. Each individual embodies a unique story and utilizes their platform to share what they've learned and help others going through similar experiences.

Out spoke with Tobia, DiMarco, and Rodriguez during their shoot to ask them about overcoming challenges they've faced. We learn what drives them to live their life unapologetically on their own terms.


Author and activist Jacob Tobia has achieved a strong following through encouraging people, regardless of their gender-identity, to live their best and most authentic life. Learning from their own personal experiences, Tobia wants "everyone to live their life unapologetically, to let their freak flag fly, to shine at their brightest setting, because self-expression heals the world."

Click here to see more of Jacob Tobia's unapologetic story on, presented by Diet Coke.


Nyle DiMarco is a model and activist who often uses his platform to educate people and raise visibility for the deaf and LGBTQ+ communities. DiMarco says the confidence to live unapologetically comes when "you have absolutely no apology for your actions, and that you are comfortable with who you are."

Click here to see more of Nyle DiMarco's unapologetic story on, presented by Diet Coke.


Actress and activist Mj Rodriguez carries a fearless confidence with her on set that becomes infectious to everyone around her. "There's just no care in the world, that's what living unapologetically is. You walk and live in your truth in every single moment," exclaims Rodriguez when speaking about how she lives her life with such strength and courage.

Click here to see more of Mj Rodriguez's unapologetic story on, presented by Diet Coke.

See how these three inspiring rule-breakers live in their truth in Out's new series with Diet Coke.

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