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Meet Jason Ebeyer, the Artist Behind Troye Sivan's Surreal 'Bloom' Video

Meet Jason Ebeyer, the Artist Behind Troye Sivan's Surreal 'Bloom' Video

Meet Jason Ebeyer, the Artist Behind Troye Sivan's Surreal 'Bloom' Video
Troye Sivan/YouTube

Ebeyer's animation uses 3D programming to bring gorgeous, doll-like alien characters to life.

Troye Sivan's lyric video for new single "Bloom" debuted this week, instantly captivating attention with it's surreal, illustarted animation -- the work of Australian artist Jason Ebeyer. Ebeyer's animation uses 3D programming to bring gorgeous, doll-like alien characters to life, and we caught up witht he artist to talk about his work, working with pop's gay prince and his dream to work with Lana Del Rey.

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Out: How did you get started as an artist?
Jason Ebeyer: I've always been a creative person, ever since I was a little kid I was always drawing or making things. As I got older I started to lean more towards digital art and more graphics based mediums which eventually got me into 3D art. I sort of fell into 3D programs and software by accident. I was in university studying graphic design and I was just feeling really bored with all the projects we were working on. I stumbled across some 3D artwork on Instagram and just started playing around in the programs to take my mind off uni work.

What is your process like? What tools do you use?
I don't really have like a set blue print for when I'm making something. More times than not I have like a super vague idea and then just start putting stuff together in the programs and before to long it just starts to take shape. If I'm working on a commission however, I usually aim to present moodboards and storyboards and have the client be 100% across everything I'm doing. I guess that's a throwback to what I was taught at graphic design school.

What parts of the body are you most interested in capturing and exaggerating?
I focus mainly on feminine characters or models because I love creating these powerful, strong women who are larger than life. Usually I tend to create almost like a caricature inspired by 1950's pinups and burlesque, so like long elegant limbs and necks, super tight and tiny waists and large eyes. I like the idea of these beings which look and feel human but also completely not of this planet at the same time.

What is your process like working with other artists to create music videos?
Yeah so like I mentioned earlier, when I'm working with other artists I love for them to be across the project as much as possible. I work by myself in my studio, so when I get the chance to work with other creative people and create visuals together its such a great vibe. Usually I put together moodboards and storyboards of what I'm picturing and then we bounce ideas back and forth until we land on something we're keen to do.

Tell me about your lyric video for Troye Sivan's "Bloom."
Troye was an absolute pleasure to work with! Right from the beginning he was so hands on with the clip. We chatted a few times over the phone to discuss the concept and ideas and then we would text back and forth about stuff like the 3D model of himself until we got it to just the right amount of Real Troye mixed with Surreal Alien Troye. He came into it with such a clear idea of the tone and vibe he wanted and it fit perfectly with my style of art. He was very open to me doing my thing which was such a blessing. For the video we set out to create this feeling of euphoria to play off the tone of the track and I'm so proud of the final piece.

Your art teeters on the line of sexy and almost grotesque. Is that intentional?
It isn't necessarily intentional but I'm definitely glad that it can cause such a jarring response.
Sexy and grotesque are both pretty subjective terms in my opinion but to be able to have my work feel a certain way to someone and then the complete opposite to someone else makes me feel like I'm doing something right.

Who is a musician you'd love to collaborate with?
There are so many I'd love to work with! But anyone who knows me in real life knows the answer to this question is Lana Del Rey because I literally say it almost every week. Mainly because Lana's track 'Ride' and the monologue from the music video changed my life. I know it sounds like such a cliche but it really did. That song encouraged me move back to Melbourne and enroll in university, get my shit together and my life on track. It would be such an absolute dream come true to work together with her on something -- anything.

What inspires you?
I always feel stumped by this question I know my aesthetic is inspired by erotica and BDSM mixed with sci-fi and Fashion, but I don't really have specific places where inspiration for my work comes from. All my ideas and work are just a massive mashup of whatever is floating around in my mind at the time. Sometimes I make work to try express a certain feeling or emotion I'm dealing with and other times I'll just think 'hey this would look cool' and its really just like that.

See more of Jason Ebeyer's work at his website.

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