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Premiere: The Illustrious Blacks Beautifully Depict Black Queer Passion in “Revolutionary Love”

Premiere: The Illustrious Blacks Beautifully Depict Black Queer Passion in “Revolutionary Love”

Since opening for CupcakKe, The Illustrious Blacks have found a quiet fame among queers and POC. Now the the married duo, Monstah Black and Manchildblack, is premiering their newest music video for their single "Revolutionary Love" here on OUT.  

The video’s message is clear: be bold, be brave, be unabashedly you, and most of all, love.

Paper Magazine previously described "Revolutionary Love" as having an “intoxicating message” with a “transcendent magic.”

There’s both beauty and power when “Black artists revel in the lyrical power of a statement like ‘we've got something none can touch,’" the author wrote

Produced and co-written by Andrew Raposo, The Illustrious Blacks have crafted an infectious dance floor banger that combines elements of funk, disco, soul, and pop. The song foreshadows the sound of their forthcoming debut album, set to be released this fall.

Prior to the release, OUT caught up with the two emerging artists to discuss their video.

Monstah Black said, "I can remember the moment I sat down to listen to the track. I was alone. Before Manchild left the house we agreed that we should consider writing about an aspect of our relationship. I’m a Leo, but my rising and moon are in Scorpio. Meaning I tend to be dark and moody (and I love it there). It’s where I find my most creative self. Based on my childhood nature I tend to gravitate toward the more melancholy aspects of life. I love melancholy. Perhaps stemming from the days of my youth and bullying."

The artist continued, “So when writing the first verse I simply thought about the nature of our relationship. Manchild is in a constant state of making me laugh [and] bringing joy to most situations. Sometimes it works; sometimes I won’t let it work because I’m super comfortable being the 'Wednesday' [of The Addams Family] between the two of us."

"Because of our relationship, I’ve learned to incorporate the brighter, more cheerful side of being into my personality. It keeps us balanced. Lyrically, that was the launch for the content. In terms of video, I feel as though, conceptually, Manchild was channeling his inner Marina Abramovic. You want to speak on that Manchild?"

Manchildblack chimed in, “To add onto that, the climate we live in right now is one of divisiveness, fear, and anger. We wanted to counter that energy by singing about our unapologetic love for each other and our unapologetic love of self.”

He continued, “The idea was born out of a moment in our live show, where we kissed for the entire duration of a song. I thought it would be cool to use this concept for the music video in hopes that it be a catalyst for people to examine their feelings about seeing two black queer men lovingly displaying their affection for each other. We’re not unicorns—we exist—and the love we share is as real and as valid as anyone elses. Our director, Fabulmann, took the concept and created something that we hope is both intimate and hypnotic.”

Watch the video premiere below!

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