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Jay Versace Channels 90s Style in Rebook's Aztrek Re-Run Campaign

Jay Versace Channels 90s Style in Rebook's Aztrek Re-Run Campaign

Jay Versace Channels 90s Style in Rebook's Aztrek Re-Run Campaign

The social media star lends his on-point personal style to Reebok's new campaign.

To revive their classic 90s off-road runner the Aztrek, Reebok enlisted six 90s-raised tastemakers and asked them to curate capsule collections of classic Reebok gear. One of those tastemakers is Jay Versace, the social media star whose used on-point 90s fashion and his own brand of irreverent humor to garner over 3.5 million followers.

OUT talked to Versace about his Reebok campaign, why the 90s keep coming back, and where his personal style comes from.

Why do you think fashion is so obsessed with the 90s?
It was so unique. It was 10 years of completely different style that inspired so many people.

What are some of your favorite 90s style trends and how do you update them for 2018?
I used to like when everyone wore cartoons, Mickey Mouse clothes, baggy stuff. For 2018 I like late 90s culture and style, more simplistic, everything looking a little more mature.

What are some of the 90s style trends we could leave in the past?
The generic 90s things that everyone goes to, those are used out. The real creativity [was in more] underground street style.

Who are some of your 90s style icons?
It's a lot of movies that I'm inspired by, because they show people living in their natural element and wearing the most fire clothes nonchalantly. Spike Lee's movies are really fire as far as style.

What was it like working with Reebok on this capsule collections?
It's been really amazing. They see that I'm very passionate about my style and they took a chance on me to show the part of me that I want to start showing more. We shot at Joshua Tree, it was such a wonderful experience to be out there in the mountains doing what I love.

Is part of 90s nostalgia people wanting to live in a simpler time?
It's definitely like that for me. I try to live my life as simplistic as possible and stay grounded. In the 90s they didn't have electronics, they just had human communication. I'm inspired so much by that.

Alongside the relaunched Aztrek, Versace's capsule collections will be available to win via a giveaway on Reebok's website - a platform for individuals to recreate their own '90s-inspired style.

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