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Premiere: Absolutely Not's 'City Creatures' is an Ode to Punk Rock Classics

absolutely not

Queer post-punk band Absolutely Not releases today their new single, "City Creatures," which will appear on their debut album, Errors. The song, originally titled, "Privileged," tells the story of pompous elitist folks with money dictating what's relevant and what's not. 

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"By the end of the song, the 'king of every corner' has a change of heart and helps the girl he's been publicly ruining make her way back into the scene in which he made sure she removed weeks prior," says frontman Donnie Moore. "Musically, it's an ode to every slick pop rock/post punk song that came before me. I hope people are tapping their feet on public transit to this song."

Absolutely Not's "City Creatures" fits seamlessly into the Chicago band's dark, comic sensibility and fresh, glam-rock sound. It's a natural follow-up to the first release off Errors, "Strictly Top," delivering a powerful song about acceptance presented under the guise of playful sexuality.

Errors is out July 28 with No Trend Records. Listen to the OUT premiere of "City Creatures," below.

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