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Cracker Barrel Cancels Event for Pastor Who Made LGBTQ+ Death Threats

Cracker Barrel Cancels Event for Pastor Who Made LGBTQ+ Death Threats

The Cracker Barrel menu may be extensive, but the one thing they aren’t serving is homophobia. A pastor hoping to stage an event at a Tennessee branch of the road trip favorite was shut down because the restaurant didn’t agree with his agenda of hate.

Grayson Fritts had planned an event for his congregation, the All Scripture Baptist Church, on June 29 at the Cracker Barrel in Cleveland, Tennessee on June 29. Fritts, who is also a county police detective, called for LGBTQ+ executions earlier this month, saying queer people were “worthy of death” in a sermon.

Tennessee Democratic Party chairwoman chairwoman Mary Mancini contacted Cracker Barrel CEO Sandra Cochran when she heard of the event, hoping the company would live up their commitment to "fairness, mutual respect, and equal opportunity,” according to Cracker Barrel’s website. Cracker Barrel doesn’t have a great track record of supporting or protecting their queer employees, but amazingly, this time they did.

In a statement posted to their Twitter account, Cracker Barrel made it clear they were canceling the event and did not support the people behind it. "We take pride in serving as a home away from home for all guests and in showing our communities and our country that the hospitality we practice is open for everyone," the statement read. "We serve everyone who walks through our doors with genuine hospitality, not hate, and require all guests to do the same."

The Knox County Sheriff's Office, Fritts’ employer, is also allegedly reviewing his cases. Man, I’m suddenly starving for some biscuits and gravy!

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