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Piers Morgan Accuses Chrissy Teigen of Transphobia, And Who Cares?!

Piers Morgan accuses Chrissy Teigen of transphobic tweets.

It’s Piers Morgan. PIERS MORGAN!!!!

Piers Morgan accused Chrissy Teigen of being transphobic in a Daily Mail column published Wednesday, and -- wait. What? I'm sorry. Is it the Feast of St. Listen to Anything This Guy Has to Say About Transphobia? No? Great, because I really don't care what Piers Morgan has to say about transphobia.

In the article, which has a very good and coherent title ("Why are man-shaming Gillette so proud to embrace the ghastly Chrissy Teigen who has been as mean to other women as the worst misogynist?"), Morgan digs up a bunch of Teigen's old tweets in order to prove that Gillette, a men's razor company that recently decided women are good, has no business sending a friendly tweet to Teigen, who is a woman but bad.

"Chrissy Teigen isn't Ms Perfect at all," Morgan writes, well. "Her self-positioned halo is in fact completely fraudulent."

The tweets that Morgan dredges up aren't funny. They're bottom-of-the-barrel jokes about Lindsay Lohan self-harming, Jay Mohr naming his son Meredith, and Quvenzhane Wallis being "cocky." A number of the tweets are transphobic, too, like the one where Teigen says America's Next Top Model should be called "America's Next Top Tranny" and another one where she implies that Lady Gaga has a dick.

Teigen's tweets are bad and some of them are definitely transphobic, but this is Piers Morgan -- the same Piers Morgan who interviewed Janet Mock in 2014 with sensationalizing chyrons talking about how she "was a boy until age 18" and promotional tweets asking viewers how they'd feel if they found out the woman they were dating was "formerly a man." He's said that identifying as non-binary is a "massive new fad," and said that genderfluidity leaves him "confused and unsettled." He's also routinely been awful to trans people he's interviewed, including Munroe Bergdorf just a couple months ago. I really don't think he cares that Teigen, one of his longtime online nemeses, has tweeted some transphobic stuff in the past. He probably just wants to get back at her, and he's decided to us as a pawn to do so.

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