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15 Salient Points This Very Good Article Makes

The Frisky article '5 Problems Transgender Face' is very good.
The Frisky

Please read, thanks.

Earlier today, women's interest site-turned-chopped and screwed content mill The Frisky published an article titled "5 Problems Transgender Face" that purports to break down problems faced by trans people. The article, spotted by journalist Diana Tourjee of Broadly, is attributed only to "The Frisky."

The article is medium short as well as good, containing many salient points about the trans experience like the problems transgender face, specifically five of them. Here are some actual quotes from the article that summarize its key points.

1. "Basically, once you have transitioned into this man or woman you were meant to be. Life is glamorous, and it's so happy once you get to this point and getting there is no problem."

2. "Forced feminization is a very sensitive topic yet the very popular and hot topic of recent times."

3. "Gender identity we can't make anyone understand..."

4. "...they feel like they can't 'pass' or be viewed as the gender."

5. "Please do not!"

6. "Because it really breaks my heart when a trans person comes to me for advice, is like, 'I don't look like my authentic... gender because of what someone said or because of how society views me.'"

7. "For someone who is not transgender, you will not ever understand this."

8. "Being transgender specifically and having the right health insurance for you to undergo your transition is very rare and it's very difficult to obtain at least here in the United States."

9. "...if society starts viewing us as regular people trans people will not be as afraid to come out, and the suicide rate eventually will drop, and that is what needs to happen."

10. "So really we think health care is a big issue and we need to change our health care coverage."

11. "So Trans people can transition a lot more smooth hormones, in our opinion hormones, make any transitions a lot easier it is another step, it is that next step is that you are on no hormones we are fully on testosterone."

12. "Male to female feminization is possible now by using pills and creams."

13. "In general, whether you're, you identify as... coming out a transgender is one of the hardest experiences a trans person has to endure the self-doubt you have to go through the what if that goes through your mind will my friend accept me?"

14. "Okay, so we want to wrap this article up."

15. "So we hope you enjoy that article, please share this article we need to bring more awareness to our community."

So many problems that transgender face... It really makes you think.

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