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Man Wearing Heels Denied Entry to Gay Nightclub

Man Wearing Heels Denied Entry to Gay Nightclub

Man Wearing Heels Denied Entry to Gay Nightclub

The bouncer at the club allegedly said, "We don’t allow femininity".

A man was denied entry into a gay bear club in London because he showed up in thigh-high, faux leather boots with a four inch heel. For the rest of his ensamble, he wore tight-fitting black jeans and a tank top.

The gay nightclub, XXL, allegedly turned Pavel Vacek away because they have a "no femininity policy."

According to Vacek, the bouncer "wasn't aggressive. He said it was club policy that you can't wear make-up, wigs, high heels or anyone feminine. He said: 'We don't allow femininity.'"

Vacek continued telling Gay Star News, "I think he was just doing his job. I was upset of course but I wasn't blaming the bouncer. It's just the general attitude of the club."

"If you wear heels, it doesn't mean you're feminine," Vacek notes. "Who says heels are just for women? You can be masculine and super buff and wear heels. I think it's sexier. It's not a written rule."

Vacek doesn't wear heels all the time. "I bought them a year ago, and I've only worn them once. When you have heels on, people look at you. It's something special, and something different from trainers. I think they're hot."

Vacek concluding by saying he has absolutely no intention on returning to XXL.

"I'm quite open-minded and I like open-minded environments," he says. "If there's strict rules for something, I don't like it."

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