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Gubernatorial Candidate Kisses Husband in Ad During Fox and Friends

Gubernatorial Candidate Kisses Husband in Ad during "Fox and Friends"

Richard Madaleno, a current member of the Maryland State Senate, has two goals: To become the next governor of Maryland and to piss off Donald Trump and the Republicans.

In a gubernatorial ad that features Madaleno kissing his husband, Mark Hodge, the Democrat does just that. Best part? The ad aired during Trump’s favorite news show, Fox and Friends.

According to the Victory Fund, the is the first political advertisment to ever feature a same-sex kiss.

In the ad, Madeleno discusses all the ways he has already infuriated and stood up to Donald Trump. He’s protected Planned Parenthood from the Republicans in congress, helped banned assault weapons in Maryland, and believes in public schools, not vouchers.

And what’s the number one way he pisses off Donald Trump and the Republicans? By giving a big smooch to his husband on air!

Watch the ad below!

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