Richard Simmons Sues Private Investigator for Tracking Device

Richard Simmons Sues Private Investigator for Tracking Device

Actor and fitness instructor Richard Simmons and his driver and caretaker Theresa Reveles sued private investigator Scott Brian Mathews for allegedly sticking a tracking device to Reveles’ car, according to reports from the Hollywood Reporter. Reveles drives Simmons around in the car that was tracked.

Simmons claims in the suit that Matthews placed the tracking device on Reveles’ car to see if Simmons was getting sex reassignment surgery. Simmons has repeatedly denied claims that he is transgender, and sued The National Inquirer, Radar Online, and American Media, Inc in 2017 for libelous statements saying he’s transgender. The judge dismissed his case, stating that calling someone “transgender” is not enough to warrant a libel claim.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Simmons found out about the tracking device in December 2017. He and Reveles filed their lawsuit on Monday, June 4.

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