There Is An Unofficial 'Bros Caucus' in Congress

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Politico investigation into the shady behavior of California Republican Representative Duncan Hunter has revealed the existence of something informally called the 'Bro Caucus' in Congress: a group of conservative lawmakers who presumably throw back buds and talk about boobs when they need a break from the Washington think tank.

“Former staffers to Hunter said he and his lawmaker friends — dubbed the ‘bros caucus’ by his aides — would regularly go to the Capitol Hill Club, a Republican hangout, to drink beer, sometimes during the day," the Politico report reveals. 

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Hunter had come under fire for a slew of woes, including alleged misappropriation of funds and an overly active drinking habit, evidenced by the 'Bros' love of beer.

While we're on the topic of scary, bro-y Republican behavior, it's come out that White House staff secretary Rob Porter has had abuse allegations made against him by both his first and second wives. Happy Thursday!

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