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One in Eight Young LGBTQ Adults Have Attempted to Take Their Own Life


Partnering with Stonewall UK, YouGov conducted a large-scale survey that looked at the lives of LGBTQ individuals living in the UK.

Interviewing a total of 5,375 LGBTQ people from Scotland, Wales, and England, the study indicated that one in eight young LGBTQ adults (ages 18-24) have attempted to take their own life in the past year.

The transgender commuity and LGBTQ communities of color were significantly more likely to attempt to commit suicide in the past year than their cisgender and white peers.

The results from the survey indicate:

-- 12% of trans people made an attempt on their own life compared to 2% of LGB people who aren’t transgender

-- 11% of nonbinary young adults attempted to take their own life

--  8% of Black and Asian LGBTQ young adults attempted to take their own life

-- 8% of disabled LGBTQ adults attempted to take their own life

Additionally, nearly half of young LGBTQ adults have contemplated taking their own life in the past year and 42% of LGBTQ people have believed at some point that their lives are not worth living.

Bi women seem to experience worse mental health outcomes. Significantly more bi women believed their lives are not worth living or have purposefully harmed themselves physically.

Lgbtq Suicide Graph2

Lgbtq Suicide Graph1

While alarming, these data aren't surprising given the political climate. In the United States, we know that calls to a transgender hotline quadrupled once the New York Times leaked the memo, which detailed the Trump administration's plan of erasing transgender people from the United States.  

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