Chelsea Manning Has Reportedly Filed to Run for US Senate

Chelsea Manning Has Reportedly Filed to Run for US Senate

American hero Chelsea Manning, the hacker responsible for disseminating important information to the public through Wikileaks, allegedly hopes to serve her country again in a new capacity: as a US senator.

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Manning filed a statement of candidacy with the Federal Elections Commission on Thursday, and The Washington Post broke the story early Saturday. Manning. Manning will run as a Democrat in Maryland, opposing fellow Democrat Ben Cardin. Cardin has served two terms as the senior Maryland senator and is up for re-election in November, with the odds considerably stacked in his favor.

Support for Manning's candidacy has already been pouring in on social media.

There is also a huge amount of backlash from conservatives and bigots — shocking! — who seem gleeful that Democrats will be forced to disavow Manning for her history as a "traitor" and a cop-hater. Hopefully, the party will instead see the power in having a woman who gave up her freedom to take a stand for governmental transparency in a position of political power. 

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