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Dark Lady: The Statue of Liberty Goes Out In Spot-On Sign o' the Times

statue of liberty dark

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses...if you can find me, idiots! 

You know how things are going great, right?

Besides President Trump's baseless Twitter accusations about his predecessor directly spying on him, another Muslim ban masquerading as an immigration and travel ban, the Republicans' controversial Obamacare replacement, Jeff Sessions recusing himself, leaks about the CIA spying through smart TVs, the looming threat of Russia, whatever the hell is going on in North Korea, and the myriad other problems that only seem to be getting worse by the day, things are going great. How great? The Statue of Liberty apparently gave the hell up last night.

Shortly before 11 pm on Tuesday night, the symbol of America went out and was shrouded in darkness for over an hour as if to say, 'Y'all got this from here.' Or maybe, as some have suggested, Lady Liberty was showing some solidarity for Women's Day--March 8, the theme of which is "A Day Without a Woman."

The answer, it turns out, was a bit more benign. According to the National Park Service, the outage was the "result of a failure to properly reset the lighting system controller" after the controller was switched off to change out faulty equipment. The NPS anticipates more outages "over the next few weeks" as they install a new emergency backup generator.

So it was all a coincidence. A perfectly timed coincidence that is in no way indicative of America's shift in policy on immigration. Lady Liberty's lamp is still lifted "beside the golden door"--and not because she's about to burn it all to the goddamn ground.

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