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Instagram & Illustrator Hilde Atalanta Highlight The Year's Most Groundbreaking Activists


While you might’ve spent your year engaging in late night scrolling, liking, and thirst following, Instagram isn’t going to spill your secrets (yet). Instead, our favorite social media platform when we’re comatose in bed has dug through the data and found that users are increasingly seeking out communities of support on the platform.

As the year tested our mental strength, the Instagram community rallied behind issues within the LGBTQ community; discussions around mental health and recovery; sex and body positivity; and women’s collectives. To celebrate the artists and activists leading the charge, Instagram highlighted five community members with original artwork by illustrator Hilde Atalanta. Check them out below.

Alok   Hilde Atalanta   Instagram Ii No Borders

Alok Vaid-Menon is a gender non-conforming writer and performance artist. Their eclectic style and poetic challenge to the gender binary have been internationally renowned.


Shalice   Hilde Atalanta   Instagram Ii No Borders 0

Shalice P. Ader is a 19-year-old a social media influencer, who focuses on inspiring and helping her supporters feel confident in their own skin, and body. Her hair loss empowers her to be stronger and confident as a person. She uses that confident and shares to her audience advices for body positive and motivation.


Areeba   Hilde Atalanta   Instagram Ii No Borders 0

Areeba Siddique is a 19-year-old Pakistani woman who shares about art, emotions, culture, women empowerment, and more on her Instagram account.


Montana   Hilde Atalanta   Instagram Ii No Borders 0

Montana Kitching is a Melbourne based Illustrator who focuses on the thoughts, feelings and insecurities that many women experience daily. Through her illustrations, Montana opens conversation about topics which are often romanticized instead of taken seriously, and those that are for some reason considered 'taboo'.


Quil   Hilde Atalanta   Instagram Ii No Borders

Lil Lemons: “With my art, I'm just expressing myself while sometimes using my art as a means of activism. There's something visceral about art in that it touches the soul and allows the viewer to understand my feelings and viewpoint. With my art, I feel that I am disrupting society's perception of what it means to be a black boy in America! I want to start a new conversation when speaking about masculinity, especially black masculinity.” 

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