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Scorpio New Moon Horoscopes By Kelsey, Star Witch

Scorpio New Moon Horoscopes By Kelsey, Star Witch

Scorpio New Moon Horoscopes by Kelsey, Star Witch

Your favorite porn star/drag queen/astrologer reflects on the new moon.

Jack/Jill of all trades Ty Mitchell -- the porn star also known as drag queen Kelsey Dagger -- is also known as budding queer astrologer Kelsey, Star Witch. Following yesterday's new moon in Scorpio, Kelsey has prepared horoscopes intended both to help your process whatever the new moon brought up for, reflect on the past month, and prepare for the new lunar cycle.

"New Moons are currently occurring toward the end of each sign, so use these horoscopes to reflect on the past lunar cycle," explains Kelsey. "New Moons are apt for setting small intentions, and to orient ourselves toward stuff that feels ready to be dealt with. Sometimes we don't navigate our lunar cycles all that clearly or rationally, but can use this time to check in with ourselves about where our hearts are going, where they have been, and where they keep coming back to. You can read for your sun sign, but if you know your rising sign, you should read that one, too. Take these as offerings, not predictions. Part of the agency you possess is the agency to interpret in ways that help you most, as you navigate the world and make sense of your place in it."

The moon of your Martian sister. A bloodless kind of warrior. Moon in the house of ephemera: thoughts of waste, loss, excess, mourning. You are allowed to withdraw. Clean out your fridge. Trust in cycles. Tension with a collaborator. The vision may need to change -- not narrow.

The opposite side of the sky from you. Find symmetry. Fall into passion. Establish warm places. Whisper secrets into pillows. Sensuality versus sexuality. Your needs are unique, and take time to meet. Your most sustainable lover will wait for you, not on you.

Back to the grind. Dramatizing the mundane. Acute appreciation for the mundane. Account for your routines. They may be affecting others, which doesn't mean you need to change them. Love is on the mind.

Recall your direction. Allow yourself a detour. A fun moon, a leisure moon. Draw on tablecloths, save phone numbers with no last names. Increased patience for processing. Potlucks with chosen family. The temptation to confide in your children and fleeting lovers.

Reacquaint yourself with your body. Wet passion, cooled passion. A pull into the past. Becoming something bigger. What you've been nags from behind. You've found a dark corner to bring light to. Burn a leaf, a scrap, a letter. Make tiny reckonings.

Head is spinning. Interests quickly progress into passions. Nervous to share ideas without further study -- give yourself permission. Rearrange your altars just the slightest. Visit other people's homes. A moon for sweet-talking, dirty-talking, tweeting. Questions of ancestry.

Want seeks alignment with need. A hungry moon. Interrogate values, deepen desires. Leaning into butchness. Speak openly about your spending to hold yourself accountable to it. Scales can oscillate before they balance. You're allowed a little temper.

A moon for deepening relations of care. Already a year of broadening. Scorpions molt. Shed an inhibition. Loosen your grip on another soul. Stretch claws. Be diligent about boundaries, yours and others'. A secret enemy. accept that there are parts of yourself you cannot know yet.

Beginning of ends. running in the dark. A moon for tying loose ends, singeing loose ends. You are more vulnerable than you may realize to secrecy, to power-play. The itch to move on quickly. Do some candle shopping. Reappraise relations of trust. Nothing can trap you for long.

A social moon, a secretive moon. For transforming peers, and being transformed by them. An attraction to power and high society. You may be craving the respect of peers. You have it, but it is difficult to measure. Organize a dinner. Final swing of Saturn in Sagittarius: total darkness shrouds the third eye for just a little longer.

Intimacy through impact. Reflective space for the impacts you wish to make. A desire to embrace the whole world, nothing less. Scorpio brings out the humanitarian. The atlas in Aquarius. Cry for everything bad that's ever happened. Final swing of Saturn in Sagittarius: alienation will soon subside.

Whirlpools of curiosity in an oceanic inner world. An easy month for feeling, being felt. Sketch utopias. A good time for visioning, asking what the world you want looks, smells, sounds like. Remember: not everything you read is true. Read anyway.

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