8 in 10 Republicans Don't Believe Transgender People Exist

Steve Helber

A new survey suggests that 80 percent of Republicans believe your gender is determined by the sex you are assigned at birth, as opposed to 34 percent of Democrats who believe the same. 

The Pew Research Center Survey, which conducted polling with 4,753 respondents over the course of August through September 2017, found sharp partisan divides between Dems and Repubs on opinions of gender identity, and also found that participants were much more likely to support trans equality and demonstrate an understanding of transness if they were acquainted with a trans person in real life. 

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Millenials were also by far the most likely group to believe gender is not determined by a person's sex at birth, though only marginally—50 percent of millenials believe gender can differ from a person's genitalia at birth, as opposed to 49 percent who believe your biological sex determines your gender. Here are all the stats:

About a third of Americans say society has gone too far in accepting transgender people

Photo via Pew Research Center Survey

Unsurprisingly, Dems were also far more likely to believe society still has a ways to go in accepting trans rights—60 percent think society needs to be more accepting of trans Americans, whereas 57 percent of Republicans believe society has gone too far already. And if a person knows someone who is trans, they're far more likely to think trans people need more acceptance than those who don't. See below:

Political party is closely tied to views on transgender issues

Photo via Pew Research Center Survey

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