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Watch Ellen Page Calmly Confront a Homophobic Preacher in D.C.

Ellen Page

We usually find ourselves fighting uphill battles as LGBTQ people. To make matters worse, the nation just elected a President on the backs of hatred and now, coming out of the woodworks in roves, are people demanding we listen to their right to hate our queer existence.

This is the type of individual lesbian actress Ellen Page calmly encountered this weekend at the Women’s March in Washington D.C. During her confrontation, the preacher tells Page that gay kids in schools deserve to be discriminated against because they have come under demonic spirits.

Pulling inspiration from Michelle Obama’s call to action, “When they go low, we go high,” Page tries her best to go high, simply telling him what he preaches hurts people. The preacher, wearing an anti-LGBTQ tee, hits back saying, “when you take your last breath, and I take mine, you’ll see.” Watch, below.

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