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Stephen Colbert on Donald Trump’s Private-Jet KFC and Baby-Hating

Stephen Colbert

What will late night hosts do once the election is over in November and Donald Trump doesn’t practically write their monologues and jokes for them?

In one of his recent Trump-centric openings, Stephen Colbert was armed to the teeth with Donald Trump transgressions. After a soldier gave Trump his Purple Heart medal, awarded to him for being wounded in battle, Trump first questioned its authenticity to the gathered crowd, and then recalled how he “always wanted to get the Purple Heart.”

“He must kick himself over those five deferments he requested from the Vietnam draft,” Colbert quipped. Then Trump, being the relatable everyman that he is, tweeted a picture of himself eating KFC on his private jet – just like real people! He knows how the 99% lives so well, just like when he spent Cinco de Mayo eating a taco bowl from the top floor of one of his compensatory towers. Watch below. 

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