Exclusive: Charlize Theron Speaks at the International AIDS Conference 2016 (Video)

Charlize Theron aids conference

Charlize Theron, a United Nations Messenger of Peace, joined a panel at the International AIDS Conference 2016 in Durban, South Africa to talk about the work the United Nations has done to fight AIDS, and what can be done to succeed in ending AIDS by 2030. 

Theron shared that a key to fighting the spread of AIDS is to reach out to adolescents, particularly young girls. She explained, “Until we actually effectively reach these young people, and get them effectively engaged, to empower them, to want better for themselves, to have the tools, the resources to do that, nothing is going to change in the fight of this epidemic.”

“Our young people are dying at a rate that should frighten us, and yet somehow, we just don’t talk about them at all,” she said, “They are the forgotten ones.” 

Watch below:

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