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Gay Couple Loses Custody to Unrelated Surrogate


A UK gay couple recently lost their baby to their surrogate mother in court.

A UK gay couple recently lost their baby to their surrogate mother in court, according to the Daily Mail. Justice Russell described the couple's treatment of the woman as "manipulative and dishonest... at the very least, potentially exploitative."

Both the couple and the woman have chosen to remain unnamed. They met in a Burger King for thirty minutes before she consented to carrying their child. The couple used one of the men's sperm and eggs from an anonymous American donor, meaning the surrogate has no blood relation to the child.

Justice Russell ruled custody for the woman because, due to a learning disability, she was not able to "consent freely or unconditionally" to the couple's request, and that she would be better equipped to handle the baby's needs.

Said the woman to Daily Mail, "He is my little boy. I gave birth to him. I felt him kick for the first time. I'm the one now breastfeeding him. He's happy and so loved. I'm absolutely terrified I'm going to lose him."

Apparently the woman began to have doubts after another surrogate the couple had used warned her of underpayment and medical complications.

Great Britain is notorious for problems with surrogacy--they have no law enforcing surrogacy contracts and it's illegal to pay a surrogate for more than their basic expenses.

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