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Read, Harry Reid! The Senator Drags GOP for Treatment of Obama

read harry reid

“History will look back and note that Republicans in Congress treated President Obama with unprecedented disrespect.”

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) isn't seeking re-election this year and much like another outgoing Dem leader, he's about all out of fucks.

Example one: Reid was the only Senator to abstain from overturning President Obama's veto of the 9/11 bill, due to warnings Obama had made about compromising national security that 28 Senators later realized they maybe should have paid attention to.

Example two: last week, before Congress departed for "yet another un-earned recess" [Ed. note: shade], Sen. Reid admonished Republicans for basically treating the first black president as a hoodie-wearing interloper in the gated community they call Washington, D.C.

"History will look back and note that Republicans in Congress treated President Obama with unprecedented disrespect," Reid said, reading glasses perched firmly at side-eye level.

Reid went on to call the GOP out for trying to relegate Obama to one term--at which they failed "quite miserably"--and for trying to obstruct any and all legislation he tried to pass--at which they succeeded intermittently.

Reid then ran down a short list of the ways Republicans symbolically spat in the face of the Obama administration, as it would take a full day to recount all of their shenanigans over the past eight years:

"Obama is the first to be denied a hearing on his budget. He's the first president to be denied a hearing on his Supreme Court nominee. President Obama is the first president to be asked to show his birth certificate. President Obama is the first president to face over 500 filibusters."

Reid continued his carry by congratulating the GOP on showing its true colors.

"The only thing Republicans have truly done this year was to prove that they are the party of Trump," Reid said. "Republicans would have us all believe that Trump just fell out of the sky, and somehow mysteriously became the nominee of their party."

"Trump is no anomaly," Reid concluded. "He is the monster that Republicans built. He is their Frankenstein's monster. They own him."

Come. Through. Harry. Reid.

It's too bad Sen. Reid waited almost eight years to give Republicans the dressing-down they deserve because to some of us who have been paying attention to their coded comments during Obama's presidency, and to those of us appalled and insulted by Trump's birther nonsense, this shit has been going on unchecked for far too long. Good for Reid for finally calling a duck a duck.

An obstructing, do-nothing, implicitly racist, Trump-trumpeting duck.

Check out Harry Reid's comments below:

[h/t] HuffPo

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