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Munich Unveils Same-Sex Traffic Lights

Munich Unveils Same-Sex Traffic Lights


Make sure you have your same-sex buddy to cross the street with.

Taking a page from Vienna's gay playbook, Munich has fitted its traffic lights with silhouettes of same-sex couples.

While Vienna debuted their signals in conjunction with this year's Eurovision song contest, Munich's come just before its pride festivities start.

Known as Christopher Street Day, in memory of the location of the Stonewall Riots whose first anniversary became the first gay pride parade, Munich's celebration runs from July 11 to 19, with the parade falling on the second Saturday.

Vienna's lights proved so popular that, after a 20,000 signature petition was submitted, authorities decided to keep them.

"They have acquired cult status," city councilor Maria Vassilakou told Business Insider, "it's great for the acceptance of gay couples and of course for Vienna tourism."

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