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Son of Gay Couple in SCOTUS Marriage Equality Case Blogs About Parents’ Journey


After his parents won their case for marriage equality in Kentucky and heard they would be heading to the Supreme Court to defend their right to marry, Tevin Johnson-Campion began chronicling his family’s path in this monumental journey.

One of four children, Johnson-Campion started a Tumblr called “Making History With My Two Dads,” and has been sharing his family’s story with the world. The blog not only details what’s happening now, but how they’ve been fighting for marriage equality long before it was a national headline, and everything else about them that makes them a regular family deserving of the same rights and benefits as others.

“We’re just like everybody else, we’re human, we’re people,” said Johnson-Campion on MSNBC’s Rundown with José Díaz-Balart. “My parents have given me a great life and I could not have had that if they didn’t adopt me.”

Watch the clip below and visit Johnson-Campion’s Tumblr here

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