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Ugandan Police Raid US Funded LGBT Focused AIDS Project

Ugandan Police Raid US Funded LGBT Focused AIDS Project

On Wednesday, Ugandan police raided the US military funded Makerere Walter Reed Project, an organization that provides HIV/AIDS assistance to LGBT Ugandans. The Atlantic Wire believes this may signal a new wave of enforcement of the countries new anti-gay laws. 

Police detained at least one person in the raid, though there is no work on if it was a US citizen or a Ugandan. Further obfuscating the event, the government first tried to deny the raid happened, claiming that a “conman” dressed as a police offered conducted the raid. Now it seems that the Ugandan government is taking responsibility for the raid. Ugandan government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo tweeted, “Police burst Water Reed Project in Makerere University#training youths in homosexuality” and “Top diplomat allegedly involved#paying one hundred thousand Ug shillings each masturbation.” 

According to The Atlantic Wire, the facility is “temporarily closed.”

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