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This Llama Farmer Was Fired for Being Gay

This Llama Farmer Was Fired for Being Gay

Collage: Images by Genevieve Adams for BuzzFeed

Kevin McCaffery worked as a Kentucy public school teacher for 15 years before he retired to run his llama farm full-time. But a few years ago, to make ends meet, he went back to work as the director of a day care center in Ashland, Kentucky, according to BuzzFeed. McCaffery says he was teased by co-workers and superiors at work—some of whom allegedly referred to him as "twinkle toes"—and the center eventually forced him to resign.
McCaffery has since sued for wrongful termination and, though the judge agreed that he had been treated unfairly, Kentucky state law doesn't protect LGBT people from discrimination at the workplace, so he has not found justice.

Although he continues to manage his 18-acre LLA-Nanny Farms—which is home to llamas, chickens, donkeys, pigs, and over 30 rescue dogs—McCaffery told BuzzFeed that he's struggling to stay afloat and feed his animals.

Check out the Go Fund Me page created to raise money for the farm's food trough. As of February 24, 90 people have joined in to raise more than $5,800.

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