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Two Kings, One Kingdom: Jaymes Vaughan and Jonathan Bennett’s Inspiring Approach to Marriage

Two Kings, One Kingdom: Jaymes Vaughan and Jonathan Bennett’s Inspiring Approach to Marriage

Having been married now for over a year, the couple who designed their own rings together reflects on their wedding and the realities of marriage.

For a couple that describes their relationship as two kings residing over one kingdom, they really do have a storybook romance. Jaymes Vaughan and Jonathan Bennett, queer Hollywood royalty, reside over their marriage together with honor. These words were so important, they were included in both of their vows. They conquer together, or not at all.

Looking back on a year with one another, Out has to know all the details, from the wedding, which had a theme of chosen family, to how they designed their rings. One of the important decisions they made together was designing their ring with KAY Jewelers.

“We wanted to create a space for queer couples to create their own traditions together. Instead of following what other couples have done throughout history, create something new for you and your partner. That’s what we did when we designed our ring,” Jaymes shares.

When a couple gets engaged, the diamonds face out, so the world can see them. Once they tie the knot, the couple flips their bands to let the diamonds sparkle toward them. "The diamonds face us then because my world is exponentially more beautiful now that you are in it forever," Jaymes has said.

The ring designed in partnership with KAY Jewelers, Our Ring, is making new traditions for queer couples to get engaged and married. And in case you missed out on seeing moments from Jaymes and Jonathan’s wedding, there’s a reason.

“We had an unplugged wedding where there were no phones, so we got to experience everything in the moment because we didn’t want anything to take away from what that felt like,” Jaymes shares.

In an era obsessed with posting everything, it’s refreshing to hear about a wedding that focuses on the love at the center of the couple and keeping it within that special moment in time. For Jonathan, he has a different answer.

“The vows. Because we wrote our own vows and my vows absolutely crushed it,” Jonathan half-jokes, which earns a knowing and playful “Babe!” from Jaymes.

With marriage equality having been won not that long ago, the moment wasn’t lost on Jaymes and Jonathan about how momentous their ceremony was. “It was all about making new traditions,” Jaymes proudly states. That’s important for both Jaymes and Jonathan for their marriage. And when reflecting on their first year together, things have only changed for good.

“The love continues to grow. If someone asked me on my wedding day if I could love this man more, I wouldn’t know what to say. But we were laying in bed together after our trip to Italy and I could. I love this man,” Jaymes says before joking to Jonathan, “Your answer better be the same babe!”

“We say I love you at least 400 times a day,” Jonathan starts. “And there’s this stereotype that that goes away when you’re married, but it doesn’t.”

But that doesn’t mean reality doesn’t check in from time to time to bring Jaymes and Jonathan together, reminding them what they share.

“From our vows: Two kings; one kingdom,” Jonathan starts. “We have to remind ourselves that we’re building a life together, not separately. We do things together.”

Jaymes is grateful to hear this coming from his spouse. “Jonathan is the most supportive person I’ve ever met, and he cares that we’re making our life decisions together,” Jaymes admits.

Every day, Jaymes and Jonathan support each other to make life decisions together. And as they continue to make new traditions together, from Our Ring to how many times they say ‘I love you,’ they’ll always have the support from one another to make lasting memories.

“I think about all the traditions we’re creating together and how they’re a part of our lives, things we’ll never forget. And I’m just so grateful I have you,” Jonathan says to Jaymes.

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