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WATCH: Hulu & Bianca Del Rio ‘Pass the Mic’ to the LGBTQ+ Community to Share What Pride Means to Them

WATCH: Hulu & Bianca Del Rio ‘Pass the Mic’ to the LGBTQ+ Community to Share What Pride Means to Them

Bianca Del Rio and Hulu are teaming up for their “Pride Never Stops” initiative to spread positive stories during Pride.

Hulu is bringing Pride straight into your home, no matter where in the country you are. As a part of the streamer’s “Pride Never Stops” campaign, Pride marches and the “Pride Never Stops” hub, are available for the third year in a row, so that all subscribers can participate in Pride no matter what. And now they are partnering with drag legend and Drag Me To Dinner judge Bianca Del Rio to “pass the mic” to community members and allies all over the country to share how their Pride Never Stops (Watch the new Bianca Del Rio x Hulu #PrideNeverStops video, below).

Bianca kicks off the campaign by sharing what Pride Means to her, and some sage advice: “To me ‘Pride Never Stops’ means staying visible and being out there and being your authentic self. And also realizing that some challenges you may have in front of you right now, you can easily overcome. Stay true to it and keep fighting,” she shares.

She is now passing the mic to us, and Out has passed it on to LGBTQ+ performers and activists in our community to share how they ensure that Pride Never Stops.

Juan Acosta @juanacosta - Nationally Recognized Mental Health Activist

Merrie Cherry @merrie_cherry - Drag Performer

When thinking of "Pride Never Stops", I think of how we carry the torch of our queer forefathers, mothers, and beings that came before us. The ones that had no guidance, but fought from the heart. We are their trumpets carrying on the progress of what is fair and righteous. It didn't stop after Compton's Cafeteria or Stonewall, the fight and the Pride within us continue.

I make sure Pride never stops by being a fat, black, femme. Walking out of the house, living my life, and existing wherever I go ensures it doesn't stop. I take up space and let my presence be known. People like myself will never be erased.

Eden and Jay Trevino @edenxjay - Healthy Relationship Activists & Creators of Preciosa Night @preciosanight

Pixie Aventura @pixieaventura - Drag Performer

"Pride Never Stops" has been a phrase that has always been important to me. I've always believed living authentically wasn't just a privilege but a way to give support and hope to people in other places of the world that live in danger. Even now, we see we have to continue the fight even within our country.

As a Drag Queen, I've understood the responsibility bestowed by my predecessors. Yes, I stand up for what is right. Yes, I remind audiences they have a safe place at my shows. Most importantly, I try to bring joy to my shows for everyone that finds it an escape from reality. I see it as a recharge to continue fighting for our rights.

One of my fondest memories of performing as a drag queen was my first 4th of July weekend in Fire Island. It was a moment where the magic of the island, the magic of drag, and the magic of queer people came together and made everyone feel like one. This night showed me the reality of what our community could have everywhere. It solidified the kind of shows and messages I want to be a part of in order for more art to mean something.

Carlos Brandt @carlosbrandt - Wellness Life Coach

It warms our hearts to hear positive stories of Pride especially in such times where kindness may be lacking. Now go continue those good vibes! Watch all the Pride celebrations happening on the “Pride Never Stops” hub, available to all Hulu subscribers and watch the new Bianca Del Rio x Hulu #PrideNeverStops video, below.

Hulu’s “Pride Never Stops” content hub continues to showcase a robust content slate, offering subscribers the opportunity to celebrate Pride from wherever they are. Titles include the highly-anticipated Drag Me To Dinner, live streams of Pride marches from across the country, Original favorites Fire Island, Love, Victor, Crush, Planet Sex, and Saint X, and library hits including Pose, Schitt’s Creek, Good Trouble, Will & Grace, and more.

Livestream Pride Marches on Hulu: Houston Pride is on 6/24 from 7:00pm-9:00pm CT only; New York Pride, Chicago Pride and San Francisco Pride are on 6/25 from 11:00am-4:00pm ET only.

Times are subject to change. Requires Hulu or Hulu (No Ads) base plan subscription.

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