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Brooke Candy Just Released the Horniest Album of 2019

Brooke Candy Just Released the Horniest Album of 2019

Brooke Candy Just Released the Horniest Album of 2019

Candy broke down ‘SEXORCISM,’ which features Charli XCX, Violet Chachki, and Aquaria, track-by-track for Out.

For rapper-singer-songwriter Brooke Candy, an "insatiable desire to create a body of work" and an unsatiable desire for sex came together -- literally -- to inspire her debut album, SEXORCISM. "It's me getting out all of my natural sexual impulses as a human being, as a woman, as someone who has been taught their entire life to feel shame about these impulses, purging them all at once," Candy tells Out. The artist believes "every woman should have a sexorcism, every woman should get out all of that pent up sexual energy that has been pushed and forced down." She hopes SEXORCISM "is a moment of release for women everywhere."

But while she's written an unapologetically horny album, Candy still can't fathom the idea that people would actually, well, fuck to it. "That makes me so happy, as long as the sex is consensual and fun and joyous." Thinking of the albums that soundtrack her own sex life, there were two clear inspirations: Madonna's Erotica and Lil Kim's Hardcore. "You can put on [Erotica] and you can fuck to every single song. And on Hardcore...she's coming at you with this feminist perspective on sex, but it's still really horny music, and it's still really sexual. If anyone has sex to any of my music, I'm beyond flattered."

Candy's album is full of features, like standout tracks "Rim," featuring Drag Race favorites Violet Chachki and Aquaria, and "XXXTC," Candy's third time working with Charli XCX. "I'm obsessed with her," Candy says of working with the alt pop savant. "She's one of the coolest, funniest, smartest chicks I've ever met. We keep collaborating together because we have a mutual respect for each other's art. I think she is the pop savior."

In an industry that sexualizes female artists while shaming them for owning that sexuality, SEXORCISM is Candy leaning into her own hypersexualized image. Sex sells, but the moment female artists decide to be explicit about their "natural human impulses," they're shamed for it. But Candy is not an artist who is afraid to make music about enjoying sex. "I'm extra sexual," she laughs. "I'm owning it."

Out asked Candy to break down her album track-by track, and she gave us all the dirty details.


I was going through a phase when I made that song. I was obsessed with all mythological creatures and especially fairies. And so I thought it was like a fun play on words because I'm a nymphomaniac. So we just made a song about sex-crazed fairies, which is what I thought I was at the time. I was having a fairy identity crisis.

"XXXTC" (feat. Charli XCX & Maliibu Miitch)

"XXXTC" is just meant to be really, really just sexual, and kind of gritty, and raw. I knew from the beginning that I wanted the features on that to really suit the sound and just be really cool. I think Maliibu Miitch is so fucking cool. She's such a good rapper and she's so nice. And again, Charli, I'm obsessed with Charli so that felt like the perfect threesome.

"R.I.P." (feat. Ashnikko)

Thinking of lyrics. "Eat my pussy at my funeral / Into my booty hole / Pay your respect, I'm the priestess of sluts / Look at my neck, diamond, penis, and nuts." It was an anthem for your friends to just fuck off to, a feminist anthem for your friends to fuck off to.

"Cum" (feat. Iggy Azalea)

[The song] was just all about a woman getting off, and getting what she needs, and getting her desires taken care of. And after we finished it, Iggy Azalea came to mind because she seems like someone who gets what she needs and gets what she wants. So I wanted her, it just felt so unapologetic. And I was actually surprised because it's so overtly sexual in nature, the song, that she would be down to do it. But her verse on it is so good, I love it. Like, "My life opened like a door, you could do me every day like a chore." I love it, her verse is amazing.

"Rim" (feat. Violet Chachki & Aquaria)

That was the biggest nod to Madonna's Erotica. [I thought], what have we not made for this album? What sex act have we not talked about? Rimming! And then we had a whole conversation in the studio about do you do this? How do you feel about it? What's the craziest experience you've ever had doing it? And I love to do it. So I thought, who are two really amazing, harder, visual artists that would be nasty enough to jump on this, and really do it justice? And Aquaria and Violet came to mind. I'm trying to do a remix right now with Bob The Drag Queen and Detox. Because I was like, Aquaria and Violet are nasty, but Bob and fucking Detox are nasty. I just want all of them, just, yeah, give it to me.

"Swing" (feat. Bree Runway)

I'm Italian and a lot of that song is comparing dicks to different pasta. And that was just a joke. Truly, that song is made and fun, but it is just about having fun. Just let your shit hang, let your dick out, get naked, let it swing, let your mind be free, just whatever. But the verses are definitely very Mokhtar Mafia. And then Bree Runway was actually in the studio when we were making it. When she came in and she started dancing. And she just jumped into the splits. And I was like, "Who the fuck is this girl?" And then after we met, looked her up. And I was like, "Oh my God, she's fucking fabulous." And then asked if she would be on it and she agreed. And she's so bad to me, I would be really surprised if she wasn't fucking huge in the next couple of years. I think she's going to be so massive. She's so talented.

"Encore "(feat. La Goony Chonga)

That is kind of how I feel on a day to day. Where I feel like I'm giving so much of myself. I typically, and just literally, I'm physically giving my nude body to the worldwide web, to the internet, for everyone to see. I'm putting myself out there and sometimes it feels like it's just never enough and people, they don't care. It's just never enough, and everything is over saturated. I can put out an image that seems iconic with my boobs out or something, but it's just another image by the next day. And with Goony and I made that song and it was just supposed to be like kind of an intermission song. And then I'm obsessed with Goony Chonga. She's one of the coolest, she's L.A.-based, big Latina rapper, raspy Spanish, and she's still talking good. She just has a lot of talent and I just, I wanted her on that. And I told her what it meant to me and she really understood.

"Freak Like Me" (feat. TOOPOOR)

That's the poppiest song on the album. And it's a true tale of me. "I'm not America's sweetheart and I'm more like Jeffrey Dahmer, but I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I'm not." And that's really where I'm at right now mentally. I've known Layla, who goes by TOOPOOR, for a while and she just such a weirdo. She's misunderstood and she's just a freak. We have that in common. I have an affinity for women that are misunderstood, or are misfits, or are unapologetic, or just do their own thing. They're freaks.

"Boss Bitch" (feat. Ashnikko)

That's just the female feminist anthem of the album, that's it. Ashnikko is such a cool woman who is so privately, overtly, a very sexual being. And getting the studio with her, it was so just symbiotic and just easy to do because she is so sexual.

"Drip" (feat. Erika Jayne)

I've wanted to collaborate with Erika Jayne for five years and I just never was making anything that was suitable for the two of us to collaborate and have it make sense, and have it be really fun, campy, and not be taken to seriously. I don't know, I sent it to her and she immediately was like, "I'm doing this."

And we got her verse back and I was like, "This is so good, this needs a visual." And then she was down for the visual and then she was down to perform it live. She was just down for everything and she was so professional. She shows up and she fucking does the job and she fucking killed it. I'm telling you this woman...I'm not a timid person. I'm not afraid of anyone or anything. But when she walked into a room, she has a certain power about her where I was severely intimidated. And I've never also seen anyone just perform in this way. She just like boom, dropped into the split on camera. She just has it. It was really, really cool to be in that and to feel that power. She is as a woman, oh my God, she harnesses a lot of power.

"Honey Pussy"

It's about how my pussy is magical..."Honey Pussy" is just feel good, it's just silly.

"FMU" (feat. Rico Nasty)

That's the one. So, that track was produced by Boys Noize who I am obsessed with and have been obsessed with for probably 10 years. He's a fucking genius. I put out "My Sex" featuring Pussy Riot and Mykki Blanco, and he got in touch with me and was like, "Yo, this song is fire. Do you want to make a song?" I was like, "Do I want to fucking make a song? Of course, I want to make a song. You're Boys Noize, I'm just this random silly person that no one takes seriously. Yes, please help me, help me." And we made this song, it's an abbreviation for "fuck me up." And when I was writing the verses I had in mind a motorcycle girl gang.

I got invited to go to the all-women motorcycle convention in the woods in Bend Oregon about a week before Boys Noize reached out to me. They were like just come ride with us. It's all women. We just bring the motorcycles. We camp out in the forest. We just do bonfires. We go swimming in the lake. I was like, I'm there. So I already have it on my mind. And then when he sent me the beat in my head I was like, I want to make a banger that a gang of female motorcyclists can listen to from amps in their motorcycles while they're cruising down to Bend Oregon forest.

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