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Aja Serves Pastel Glam Badass Realness in 'I'm Kawaii / Ayo Sis' Music Video

Aja Serves Pastel Glam Badass Realness in 'I'm Kawaii / Ayo Sis' Video

Aja just released a new music video combining two new songs off their debut EP, In My Feelings. "I'm Kawaii" and "Ayo Sis" explore the nonbinary rapper’s identity, romance, and the power of Kawaii and embracing femme energy.

The Drag Race alum said in a press release, "The inspiration for this video was the power of gender expression and particularly my own femininity. I wanted people to see different kinds of relationships in the video and when you watch it you just see couples. No labels, just love as who they are.”

The video starts with their song, “I’m Kawaii” and they're definitely serving some hardcore cuteness. With bright colors, unicorns, and stuffed animals, Aja pays homage to Japanese Kawaii (literally meaning cute) culture.

The video then transitions into Aja’s nonbinary romance and the rapper starts serving fast rhymes.

“Enough with this sweet shit let me get real/I’m a feminist faggot with a lot of sex appeal.” Aja sings.

Watch the 2 for 1 music video below.

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