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Drag Supermonster James Majesty Discusses New Album, HIV Activism, and being a Filthy Pervert

Drag Supermonster James Majesty Discusses New Album, HIV Activism, and being a Filthy Pervert

James Majesty Pervert

“Do you like it when I eat your ass like a zombie?”

Drag supermonster James Majesty has always been a proud sexual deviant, both in and out of drag. That's why it didn't take him to long to settle on the title of his debut album, Pervert.

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Every single one of the eight songs on the album touches on something perverted. "Where's my Daddy," "Pervert," and "Like a Zombie" (where James sings in the chorus, "Do you like it when I eat your ass like a Zombie?") are all explicit and over-the-top while also being staunchly sex-positive, hilarious, and relatable.

OUT caught up with the Boulet Brothers' Dragula season 2 finalist to see what inspired the album and to find out how big of a pervert James is in real life.

OUT: What inspired you to create this album?

James Majesty: This album was inspired by my horny teenage angst. Growing up, I discovered myself when listening to bands like Blood On The Dance Floor, Jeffree Star, and the Millionaires. Their music, as trashy and bad as it was, was also very unapologetic, in-your-face, and fun-spirited. I believe music like theirs is the reason I'm so proud and outgoing today.

Music was my escape growing up. I was actually a very shy kid who grew up in the middle of nowhere and spent most of my time lip-syncing & jacking off in my room. I wasn't raised in a place where being gay was openly talked about; there were no role models. The only thing I could relate my struggles to were the sounds of queer-punk artists, drag queens, and porn.

I'm hoping that by creating this album, with the help of my producer VELO, I can inspire other angsty teens to laugh at themselves and be open with their sexuality in ways that I wasn't always allowed to.

What inspired the name?

I wanted a title that would punch you in the ass, figuratively speaking. Luckily Pervert came about fairly organically while writing the cringeworthy lyrics in "Where's My Daddy" alongside my close friend & musician, Chadka. The album as a whole is based around that one song. I wanted a title that would pull it all together but also prepare you to experience a mockery of sex.

"Where's My Daddy" and it's reprise track "Pervert" actually takes a comical look at my past of being a sex worker and how I currently sell myself for attention. The intended messages being that no matter how much of a pervert anybody may be, consent is still mandatory.

So how big of a pervert are you in real life?

I've always been a pervert. I first discovered porn when my uncle wasn't home and had accidentally left a dvd in the player called "Asians doing Anal." Let's just say I was hooked. Once I realized my fascination, I stated to make porn collages in [Microsoft] Paint on my computer and print them out and hide them in my bible so my grandma wouldn't find them. Even at school, I was the pervert. I once bought a condom at a gas station that said "ribbed for her pleasure." [I] brought it to gym class for my friends to examine and pass around.

My friends would end up always coming to me if they had questions about sex, and later in life, I think that's what inspired me to get involved with HIV/AIDS education and prevention. Sex was clearly fun and exciting, but where I grew up I had to educate myself on being safe, so my fascination grew into something even more productive.

Nowadays I'm more often busy working than I am getting to be a pervert. My drag character gets to lives out my perverse fantasies, and be that trashy outlandish creature that I don't always have the time for.

What can we expect to see next from James?

Before the second half of Pervert comes out next year, you can expect to see some music videos, hear some new content, and experience a new tour that will embrace and celebrate queer sexuality across the board.

I'm also working on a few projects with my older brother & porn star Taylor Reign that are going to mix the drag and porn worlds together to help educate more queer youth on safe sex. Ultimately, the goal is to teach queer youth how to have sex with the hopes that we can see a more open and HIV-free future!

Pervert is available both on Spotify and Itunes.

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